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Calcite, twins on  {21-31}, Mexico
  foto: Monika Günther
CaCO   hexagonal - scalenohedral, -3  2/m
Distorted scalenohedrons {21-31}. Contact twins on {01-12}, elongated in the direction of one scalenohedron edge.
Guanajuato, Mexico.
Width of the twins: 1-1.5 cm.  Inv.No. 56/1666.


crystal drawing: calcite, scalenohedroncrystal drawing: calcite, scalenohedron, contact twin on {01-12}crystal drawing: calcite, scalenohedron, contact twin on {01-12}, some faces suppressed and elongated
crystal drawings:
left: scalenohedron {21-31}
middle: the same, as contact twin on {01-12}
right: the same as in the middle, but some scalenohedral faces are suppressed, the shape is elongated parallel to one of the edges

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