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Pyrargyrite, St.Andreasberg, Germany
  Photo:Monika Günther
Ag3SbS3   ditrigonal - pyramidal, 3m
Crystals with hexagonal prism II {10-10}, steep and flat ditrigonal pyramids; on native arsenic.
St. Andreasberg, Harz mountains, Germany.
Height of the big crystal: 11 mm. Inv.No.56/387.


crystal drawing Pyrargyritecrystal drawing, Pyrargyrit, view from above
crystal drawings:
combination of:
{11-20} hexagonal prism II., broad
{01-10} trigonal prism I., narrow
{21-31} ditrigonal pyramid, above, negative
{12-3-1} ditrigonal pyramid, below, positive (analogeu face of the latter)
{11-23} hexagonal pyramid II., above
{11-2-3} hexagonal pyramid II., below (analogue face of the latter, smaller)
left: single crystal, standard setting
right: view from above

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