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Mineralogical Collections
Dr.Susanne Herting-Agthe, Sekr. BH 1, Ernst-Reuter-Platz 1, D-10587 Berlin, Germany
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  The mineralogical collections of the Technical University of Berlin consist of several partial collections of highly different types:

systematical mineralogical collection 
("main collection")
  • app. 95.000 pieces
  • app. 2.500 mineral species
  • principle of order: classification scheme by STRUNZ (Mineralogical Tables)
  • catalog: almost complete 
  • further informations

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depot (fund)
  • app. 60.000 pieces 
  • supplies for teaching and practice collections, samples for teaching and research purposes as well as "inquiries from all over the world" (at present 2-3 per week)
  • principle of order: mineral classification scheme as well as locality  names
  • catalog: -

rock collection
  • app. 2000 pieces 
  • rough samples and polished plates, partly with thin sections for microscopy
  • principle of order: rock forming types
  • catalog: complete for all polished plates (650 pieces), the rest is not yet included

teaching collection
  • app. 2000 pieces 
  • minerals, rocks nad technical products for lectures
  • principle of order: mineral classification scheme as well as thematic
  • catalog: almost complete 
  • further informations

practice collections
  • app. 1.500 pieces
  • minerals and rocks for practices in lectures
  • principle of order: individual lectures
  • catalog: lists

ore sections
  • app. 1.000 sections
  • ore sections for ore microscopy
  • principle of order: mineral aclassification scheme
  • cacatalog: lacking up to now

historical thin sections
  • app. 1.000 sections
  • thin sections of minerals and rocks for microscopy; oriented thin sections of single crystals
  • principle of order: lacking so far
  • catalog: lacking so far

cristal models (made of wood)
  • app. 3.500 pieces
  • principle of order: crystal classes
  • catalog: lacking so far

historical instruments for mineral research
  • app. 30 pieces
  • polarisation microscopes, optical and mechanical goniometers, analytical balances, pyrology instuments etc. 
  • catalog: list

last version: oct 2009