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The show room of the Mineralogical Collections of the TU Berlin, room BH 612,  app. 195 square meters.

8 big vitrines

Exhibition of the Mineral Systamatics of the 8 main Mineral Classes (elements, sulfides, halides, oxides, carbonates and borates, sulfates, phosphates, silicates).

In the deep front side of the show cases big museum pieces are exhibited in aesthetic arrangements. In the back side smaller exhibits are arranged strictly following the Mineral Classification System of STRUNZ (Mineralogical Tables); Prof.Dr.Dr.H.Strunz has been full professor of mineralogy and cristallography in our institute for 29 years.

big wall vitrine IX

Exhibibion of the main rock types.

big wall vitrine X

Specimens of the phosphate pegmatite Hagendorf/Bavaria/Germany.

20 desk vitrines

The 20 desk vitrines along the left and right wall of the show room display typical specimens representing the various mineral formation zones. 

10 desk vitrines

The 10 desk vitrines along the back wall of the show room display the mineral systematics of the oxides and sulfates.

built-in cupboards
under the vitrines

The 92 built-in cupboards under all vitrines of the show room contain the main part of the Mineralogical Main Collection (app. 100.000 inventorized and catalogued pieces).


Especially big exhibits are displayed on some pedestals beneath the vitrines.


The complete equipment was planned in 1957-1958 under the leadership of Prof. Strunz, the moving in took place in 1959.

The whole equipment, inscriptions and labels have been maintained and continued for science historical reasons. 


The labels were made with block printing until app. 1975, today by computer and laser printer: 

Etikett Schauvitrinen

The labels are standing on small special stands made in the engineering workshop, between two glass plates.


The big vitrines I-X have indirect lighting from the upper sides.

big floor vitrine 
BH building 
2th floor

Pieces of the copper deposit Tsumeb/ Namibia as well as some pegmatite deposits of Namibia are shown.

big floor vitrines
EB building
new foyer, ground level

show pieces recording to the 4 items:
fuels (oil and coals)
problems with CO2 (carbonates)
fumes desulfuration (gypsum)
metallic resources (pieces of hist. german mines)
last version: oct 2009